College Consulting

College Consulting Introduction

Every year, we hear worries from students and parents about acceptance rates dropping and the quality of applicants increasing. All Ivy League schools have acceptance rates under 15%. For every 100 applicants at Stanford, less than 5 are admitted. Applying from a competitive high school makes the process even tougher.

Meanwhile, we’ve had the opportunity to work with tens of other students, and consistently help them find success in the admissions process. In the 2018 admissions cycle, IvyMatch worked with students accepted to Stanford, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation with you will be a thorough discussion either in your home, or via video chat / phone call.

During the consultation, IvyMatch will understand the student’s and the family’s goals, and form a timeline and action plan based on the information we gather. The consultation will also be used as a time to proactively address questions and concerns that you have.

Continuous Consultation

Following the initial consultation, Kylie, David, and John will work closely with the family to ensure that the student is progressing according to plan. Our main focuses will be test scores, extracurricular acquisition and development, summer planning, academic enrichment (beyond AP courses), letters of recommendation, and college-specific preparation (specific schools like seeing specific qualities in applicants).

Application Consultation

Starting in the summer before senior year, IvyMatch will work with the student to refine each section of their application. This includes interview rehearsal, perfecting the personal statement, and filling out the Common App / UC App.


Contact for further details.

IvyMatch has also recently started offering an admissions guarantee program for UC Berkeley, UCLA, and other select colleges. Contact for further details.